As ambitious women, there is nothing we cannot do & be! But making time for ourselves & asking for help can be hard. Running a household, leading an organization, and managing our health while also working on our dreams & living to the fullest... It takes a village.



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Holistic operational & wellness solutions for executive women, homes and organizations




Are you ready to stop blowing out on things you hate doing but can't quite drop it, and are unsure of what to do? Do you feel like you could use a break, experience more simplicity, have more time, bandwidth, and feel more energized?

First, let's make something clear: you are not broken! On the contrary to what the fitness, wellness, and personal-development industries would have you believe, this is not about giving your some magic formula. It's about listening to you, and offering you an array of possibilities. Then, you decide on what you think will work for you so that you can enjoy every step of the way... Even when life gets shitty, here's how we can
help you move mountains:



We are humans serving humans with real human experience. Our mission is to you help you reallocate resources more efficiently, establish more energy in your body, have more time and joy in life, and make a greater impact.


Hello! We are SARA OBLAK SPEICHER, MBA and DIANNE SYKES, MS NSCA. A Slovenia-native now a New Yorker girls-mom who never sticks to a baking recipe. And a 90’s hip hop loving Doc Martens wearing single mama.

We have become masterful at maximizing time, conserving energy and circulating it effectively. It is what we do. It's how we live. Indeed, everything we teach we have experienced as former elite athletes, mothers, wives in multi-ethnic marriages, householders, partners, entrepreneurs, and leaders. 

Now we're pooling our insights of serving 2,500 clients successfully, and 45+ years of combined international experiences (Sara is a master life & business coach, quantum strategist and transformational mentor, and Dianne is a clinical physiologist, fitness and nutrition coach, and Kundalini Yoga teacher) to build this space for you.

There is a certain mystique when we are together. Expertise. Directness. Honesty. Listenership. Loyalty. Creativity. Speed. Enchanting vibrational frequency that moves mountains. And this is what you get to receive in the hearth of our Elite Mystique Agency Inc.

So come in and experience our pragmatic & esoteric approach to coaching, consulting, and training where we blend biology, Western medicine, Eastern philosophy, Ancient yogic science and astrology with growth mindset, quantum strategies, and business acumen. And mysticism.

Yes! The magic of our crystals, color gel pens + FUN to bring it all together so that you can continue achieving great things, creating more of what actually energizes you, and actually enjoy life again!



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The way Dianne understands quantum physiology. The way she can scan the body…and see what caused the injury (illness) before it happened. Dianne knows pre-cognitevlely someone’ physical and energetic potential. That kind of quantum understanding of the mind/body is really potent. To be able to train a leader, executive, athlete, performer in the way she does is really powerful stuff. It’s what everyone in the Aquarian age wants. They way a quantum physiologist trains them. Whether you decide to climb Mount Everest of climb to your next great business or goal movement, Dianne can train you for the kind of multidimensional fitness that will take you there and be able to enjoy doing it.

Guru Jagat (Visionary Room)

Sara can help you get to the bottom of who you have to become to get where you want to go. It's a question with many deep layers to the answer.

Linda Lopeke

I can't even begin to express the amazing-ness that happened since working with Dianne. My husband and I finally bought our dream home. Because of his military background, and Dental School, we've always been renting. This is our first home! No struggle, no fight, it was amazing! The great thing was my experience. Normally, I would have been a wreck, climbing the walls and full of anxiety. Because of Dianne's teachings I know how to handle my life in a more peaceful way. It's just more fun to.

Maureen Reich

Sara, the co-creation, synergy efficiencies, and dynamic you establish, transcend simple productivity gains, financial gains, and cost-saving (which alone are worth the investment and pretty much pay for it), and bring a whole new dimension into your client's life, business, boardroom, home.


Dianne is like a walking moving wellness center. I simply hear her voice and feel relief from worry. She has a way of helping me always see the best in every situation. I have made such power moves in my business and my relationships that I never would have had it not been for her. It's been such an amazing journey.

Maria Delaporte

Working with Sara was amazing, she has both strategic knowledge and inner guidance to nable me to go from low sales to collapsing my previous years' revenue into just one sale and some. The process was logical and also had unexpected and lovely impact on my personal life; my fiance was utterly proud of my accomplishments which has put our relationship onto another level.




This is a self-guided online support community for executive women who want to live again.

Enjoy unlimited access to our members-only area with motivation, inspiration, teachings, trainings, nourishing recipes, and worksheets that we personally curate on the following topics:











Ready to simplify and actually enjoy complexities of your fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, and schedule?
With honor and respect to the fact that you are indeed a complex human being?

You are a servant leader. A visionary executive. A primary home provider. An ambitious business owner… It takes incredible strength and drive to feel accomplished in these areas.

Yet chances are that you feel stressed. Burned out. Your calendar is in need of massive transformation as everything seems to be a priority. Can you even appreciate your morning coffee anymore? When was the last time you truly enjoyed time with your kids, unplugged and fully present? Took a break just to be, all by yourself? Hello, guilt and shame!

We get it! And so this is your space to feel motivated, inspired, and empowered to step into your fullest potential, and to be celebrated.


Self-guided experience to take whatever you need without having to go anywhere
On-Demand access whenever you want it and as often as you’d like
Practical tools, curated teachings, dashboard dossiers & classes to simplify your nutrition, fitness, and schedule
Private website portal for easy access
Phone application for support at your fingertips
Pay as you go, no strings attached (cancel at any time)
Option to work with us privately when you want more
BONUS: private 10-minute Bitchfest call with Dianne and Sara that moves mountains

Join now for $49/mo


As a member of the League of Extraordinary Women, you get a bonus Bitchfest Call: a 10-minute private phone call with Dianne and Sara personally that is designed to help you move mountains. It's about being heard and feeling held. It's about giving yourself permission to stop blowing out on things you no longer want to do. To see what’s on your plate differently. To get clear on your next aligned action.



A simple payment of $49 per month unlocks unlimited access to our members-only area with motivation, inspiration, teachings, trainings, nourishing recipes, and worksheets that we personally curate on the following topics:



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Did you know that as women, we have the physiological structure and resources to operate at a very, very, very high level of performance? And the complexity of a woman's endocrine system that supports us?

We got energy for eons pouring out of us when that oxytocin and serotonin make a nice little blend.

We are creating enough of it as we are tending and befriending each other, supporting each other.

Then oxytocin and serotonin are absolutely just bathing ourselves in nutrient dense juiciness, vitality, timelessness.

And the dopamine hits that we get when combined with the proper dose of adrenaline and cortisol it is like a shock to the brain.


And the rest is just about our ability to execute decisions. To delegate, be super clear, be open to receive. And be absolutely decisive on a whim.


The beautiful thing about the League of Extraordinary Women is that it offers you an opportunity to create your own experience.


Which is why you are cordially invited to move into your own (proverbial) luxury villa.

At the beginning of each month, we will decorate it with new content to help you feel healthy and happy. To help you learn (remember) how to LIVE outrageously (again) and have more fun!


If you want all the benefits of coaching, consulting, and mentorship but without the hand-holding and investment that comes with such personal access, this is the place to be.


We know that at some point, you, your home, and your organization require more than a self-guided experience and an online community, and we've got you covered.

Our multidisciplinary and multidimensional services provide you with premier-level support where Sara and/or Dianne work with you privately (virtually, in-person).

  • Looking for a deep-dive into a strategic planning, mindset and/or energetic rejuvenation?
  • Taking your team on a (destination) work/play retreat and need a skilled facilitator?
  • Calling in an intimate coaching, consulting, training, healing experience to take you to the next level?
  • Needing to reallocate resources more efficiently, establish a better flow in your growing organizaition?

Consider our VIP DAY & IMMERSIONS.






  • physical, mental, spiritual fitness practice that's a real highlight of your day
  • strength and endurance training you actually enjoy
  • open, widen, and strengthen energy channels
  • masterfully wield all the energy already available to you
  • free up resources and release blockages
  • Kundalini Yoga technologies
  • breathwork


  • conscious eating practice (forget restrictive diets)
  • customized food plan you'll love
  • nourishment for you body, mind, and soul
  • recipe ideas to free up your time and bring back fun
  • chakra nourishment guidance


  • astrological insight to lead life you were literally designed for
  • sex advice (so not what you think)
  • conscious relationship training
  • intuitive parenting guidance to really enjoy being with your kiddos
  • fashion, style, colors & textures for your body, personality, sacred space
  • rejuvenating travel strategies
  • self, household & enterprise mastery coaching


  • bend & collapse time into a system that works for you on autopilot 
  • do more of what matters to you and actually love doing it
  • stress less & handle commitments with grace
  • minimize friction points in balancing of responsibilities
  • save 10 years of trial & errors
  • turn 25-year old dream into reality within a year or two


  • break through self-imposed glass ceiling of old programming and limiting beliefs
  • unshackle yourself from generational and cultural patterns that no longer serve you
  • open up to creating more of what you desire (manifestation magic is a mindset game)
  • build up the capacity to receive and hold it all (that's a spiritual practice)
  • connect to the infinite grace of your Higher-Self
  • become the woman who is her own ticket out and beyond
  • enjoy bigger a experience with life


  • identify, fix, and eliminate gaps, leaks, and bottlenecks
  • create the flow in which you, your organization and people within can be fit, focused, and fortified to thrive in the new era
  • generate, organize, and deliver ideas, services, and products to appropriate people in efficient, profitable, and authentic way
  • elevate and anchor your big vision, and organize it strategically into simplified pragmatic steps that preserve energy & maximize results
  • accomplish the most elite version of yourself, your team, your enterprise, and your mission

Not only are your words like energy healing, there is a rhythm that dissolves pain, fear, and each sentence to give us the ability to focus on that’s next. To give us something specific to focus on, to move forward, even drawn new perspectives, ideas, answers, possibilities out of them. Sara, you give a completely different framework and concepts to work with & play in! So after 25 years of working on this thing, it finally bloomed in all its magic. You held the space to help make this happen. Believed when I forgot to believe. You never gave up when I was ready to do so. And you did this not only in person but energetically. I am excited to be me again. Replenished, refreshed, playing in the vision that is asking to be born.

Harmony Sedona

Dianne is an outstanding role model, representative of the fitness industry and an asset to those who work with her. Her dedication was evident when her personal training business, Achieve Fitness in New York, was devastatingly wiped out by Storm Sandy. It didn’t stop her from continuing to change lives. She developed a brand new business model and established herself as a reliable and knowledgeable fitness presenter and earned the respect of some of the top names in the industry.

Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove

I learned that reaching out for support can pay off huge! Super thanks to the amazing Sara who absolutely rocked my world in one afternoon full of magical insights and solid advice! When student is ready, the teacher appears!

Johanna Gardner

Dianne coached me as part of the RGI Team in Tulum, Mexico in January ‘22. She guided me towards meditation, gene keys, chakra healing and all sorts of mindfulness practices I was missing in my life. Since the trip I’ve been looking further into all of it and truly feel it changing my life for the better! And that’s thanks to her. I extend my gratitude because she really inspired me - I’ll be following her work.

Janie Harding


With our free Energy Fow Plan, you can redefine productivity, innovation in a new way. It's not about trying to rush through life… But loving it and wanting to experience all of it!

You get to have a little dashboard dossier for each month to support you in movement, eating well, nourishing your Chakra system, and creating more flow. These tools are designed to increase your energy, capacity, productivity, and joy - at home, work, and in life.

Every month, we also create a video and/or audio recording of the Energy Flow Plan specifically for the corresponding Lunar Cycle, and we would love for you to have it so that you can create your own personal Dashboard Dossier, Sacred Nourishment Rituals, and aligned Playlist!

Download Your Energy Flow Plan Here



What is The League of Extraordinary Women?

League of Extraordinary Women is a membership-based community where you can access tools, tutorials, teachings that have been developed and curated by Dianne and Sara, on the topics of fitness, nutrition, lifestlye, time mastery, mental brilliance. Moreover, our intention is to support you in ways that are meaningful to you...

Imagine a self-guided experience where you get to pick and choose desired content based on your interests, needs, priorities. And where you work through the content and information you need, at your pace.

...A private, members-only portal with unlimited access and readily available content.

...A pick-me-up space you turn to at 5am, a relax-we-have-your-dinner-ideas-covered place at 3pm.

...Or a you-have-the-power-to-choose-differently lullaby at 3am... And anything in between.

Minus the hassle of having to drive anywhere, hang out in a group of strangers, or being bombarded by distracting notifications every time someone posts something (although, we will notify you when new content becomes available, to help save you time).


How can I access the content?

By becoming a member, you will be able to create your own login to access the private portal right through this page as well as a phone application, at any time. Each month, the membership will be automatically renewed, granting you uninterrupted and unlimited access to the all portal. And if you ever wish to stop, you can - just send us an email. It's that simple.


How much content is there and how often do you update it?

Every month, Sara and Dianne personally curate and add new trainings, tips, recipes, worksheets, videos. This frequency allows for plenty of time to not only get to the information, ideas, and work in, but to also integrate it. Besides, you may only go through the content that interests you, and at your own pace. Everything is categorized based on topic, and each new entry is stamped with a date.


How do I know where to begin, or what to do next?

We understand that membership sites and courses can feel really overwhelming - whether you are following someone else's guidelines and speed step-by-step, or if you are given all the information all at once. This is why we decided to facilitate the League of Extraordinary Women differently. Also, you are a capable woman making your own decitions. So we fully trust in your own judgement and intuition... Meaning - you know what you gravitate towards and what doesn't really speak to you in a moment. And, if you have any additional questions, you may always reach out.


What makes this different from other membership sites?

There are many ways to answer this question. We could be super clever. Or arrogant. Or funny. In the end of the day, the truth is this: we don't know. This is on you to feel. What we can say is that after many years, decades even, of working with our clients just as much as working on ourselves, we have compiled enormous amounts of data, insights, tips, and have developed principles and frameworks that have stood the test of time. And, we want to make it all available to as many women as we possibly can.

We know that some might need more pragmatic support while others desire a more esoteric approach. So we offer both.

We also know we are not everyone's cup of tea, and that not everyone is looking for a self-guided experience. And that is OK, too.

"Give it a try. If you don't like it, you can always leave. But, chances are, it just might change your life," is the advice a wise woman once gave me, and I offer it to you here.


Will there be any personal interaction with Dianne and Sara, or with other members?

Yes! There will be opportunities for personal interaction, more focused events and activities (some complementary, some payable). Currently, we are still exploring all the possible ways to facilitate it all in the most fun, simple, and effective way.


Will I receive personal coaching or customized advice from Dianne and Sara as part of the League?

Not within the League of Extraordinary Women beacuse it is designed to be a self-guided experience. If you want and require more, reach out and let's talk.


I just want to work with a coach privately, do you offer this service as well?

Of course. We provide bespoke private coaching, consulting, and training; assessments, VIP day intensives, as well as long-term and/or outcome-focused arrangements. We also facilitate retreats. Moreover, you can work with either Dianne or Sara individually, or with both of us in a tandem. Contact us and together, we can determine the right solutions for you.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently, payments for the League of Extraordinary Women membership can be made directly on our site via Stripe integration, and with any credit card that the company accepts.


Do you issue refunds?

No, we do not.


I have a question and/or a recommendation. What should I do?

We are always open to questions and recommendations, so get in touch.


Yes, let's do it