We offer curated teachings, experiential trainings, private coaching, and esoteric tools & practical solutions that help high-performing women leaders achieve, maintain and actually enjoy success. Within self, at home, in career, in life.




As a boutique multidisciplinary practice with more than 45+ years of combined experiences, spiritual wisdom, and 2,500+ clients served successfully around the world, our work transcends cultures, time and space. 

Simplify complexities of modern-day living, achieve time mastery, mental brilliance and total fitness thereby transforming your life, and increasing productivity & leadership capacity.

Restructure workspaces (both home & office) for optimal flow and harmony.

Eliminate operational gaps that deplete financial and human resources, and allow for implementation of workflow systems that are scalable, efficient, and proFITable.

Step into your higest calling.

Elite Mystique Agency Inc. offers:

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Success has many definitions. It's transdimentional. And it stems from who you truly are at your core. It's driven by a mission that burns in your heart, and is fully expressed in all that you do, in how you lead, how you love, and how you live.

Can you achieve, sustain & enjoy it all? Especially in the new, Aquarian era?


Alchemizing knowledge into wisdom through daily practice.
Curating teachings from across cultures, time, and space.
Intuitively, intentionally and brilliantly responding to you.
Devotion to spiritual, mental and physical advancement.
Observing, corelating & honoring a natural rhythm.
Living life of unconventional adventure.
Creating art and finding beauty in all.
Taking it seriously and making it fun.
Imagining the possible in new ways.
Commitment to uplifting humanity.
Open and direct communication.
Taking care without worrying.
Freedom from the known.
Profound presence.



A Slovenia-native now a New Yorker girls-mom who never sticks to a baking recipe. And a 90’s hip hop loving Doc Martens wearing single mama. Both former elite athletes.

Sara is a master life & business coach, quantum strategist and transformational mentor.
Dianne is a clinical physiologist, fitness and nutrition coach, and Kundalini
Yoga teacher.

We are also experienced business leaders; Sara's jam are remote work & creative cross-cultural teams, while Dianne excells in the fintech startup space. Both have built and lead succesful brick-and-mortar & online-based enterprises.

So come in and experience our pragmatic & esoteric approach where we blend biology, Western medicine, Eastern philosophy, Ancient yogic science and astrology with growth mindset, strategic planning, and business acumen. And mysticism.

Yes! The magic of our crystals, color gel pens + FUN to bring it all together so that you can continue achieving great things, creating more of what actually energizes you, and actually enjoy life!

Are you ready to simplify and actually enjoy complexities of your fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, and schedule? With honor and respect to the fact that you are indeed a complex human being?

To stop blowing out on things you hate doing but can't quite drop it and are unsure of what to do?

Do you feel like you could use a break, experience something different to increase your bandwidth and feel more energized?

Are you willing to reallocate resources more efficiently to create more flow, have more time and make a greater & more meaningful impact?

This is our life's work, and here's how you can get started:


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The way Dianne understands quantum physiology. The way she can scan the body…and see what caused the injury (illness) before it happened. Dianne knows pre-cognitevlely someone’ physical and energetic potential. That kind of quantum understanding of the mind/body is really potent. To be able to train a leader, executive, athlete, performer in the way she does is really powerful stuff. It’s what everyone in the Aquarian age wants. They way a quantum physiologist trains them. Whether you decide to climb Mount Everest of climb to your next great business or goal movement, Dianne can train you for the kind of multidimensional fitness that will take you there and be able to enjoy doing it.

Guru Jagat (Visionary Room)

Sara can help you get to the bottom of who you have to become to get where you want to go. It's a question with many deep layers to the answer.

Linda Lopeke

I can't even begin to express the amazing-ness that happened since working with Dianne. My husband and I finally bought our dream home. Because of his military background, and Dental School, we've always been renting. This is our first home! No struggle, no fight, it was amazing! The great thing was my experience. Normally, I would have been a wreck, climbing the walls and full of anxiety. Because of Dianne's teachings I know how to handle my life in a more peaceful way. It's just more fun to.

Maureen Reich

Sara, the co-creation, synergy efficiencies, and dynamic you establish, transcend simple productivity gains, financial gains, and cost-saving (which alone are worth the investment and pretty much pay for it), and bring a whole new dimension into your client's life, business, boardroom, home.


Dianne is like a walking moving wellness center. I simply hear her voice and feel relief from worry. She has a way of helping me always see the best in every situation. I have made such power moves in my business and my relationships that I never would have had it not been for her. It's been such an amazing journey.

Maria Delaporte

Working with Sara was amazing, she has both strategic knowledge and inner guidance to nable me to go from low sales to collapsing my previous years' revenue into just one sale and some. The process was logical and also had unexpected and lovely impact on my personal life; my fiance was utterly proud of my accomplishments which has put our relationship onto another level.



With our free Energy Fow Plan, you can redefine productivity, innovation in a new way. It's not about trying to rush through life… But loving it and wanting to experience all of it!

You get to have a little dashboard dossier for each month to support you in movement, eating well, nourishing your Chakra system, and creating more flow. These tools are designed to increase your energy, capacity, productivity, and joy - at home, work, and in life.

Every month, we also create a video and/or audio recording of the Energy Flow Plan specifically for the corresponding Lunar Cycle, and we would love for you to have it so that you can create your own personal Dashboard Dossier, Sacred Nourishment Rituals, and aligned Playlist!

Download Your Energy Flow Plan Here