In 2017, we met in a private group and immediately clicked. Athlete codes, baby! We also realized that we each had to offer what the other needed, so our budding friendship turned into a pitchfest until we kind of took a break from each other. Our paths crossed again in 2019 and our friendship deepened.

By 2020, we showed up for each other every day for our 6:30am Morning Constitutional phone calls - time when Dianne’s out for her morning run and Sara's walking her dogs. 

It was through those deep conversations that we realized just how compatible and complementary our expertise and how remarkable our track records were. Not just that - we are Yin to each other’s Yang in every sense of the word! It’s when we realized just how much there was that we had to offer to the world...

...just as the world grappled with the shutdowns.

We lost women close to us who had succomed to the pressure and weight of responsibilities, and we knew it was time to step up...

Women close to us got trapped in toxic jobs and abusive homes without a place to go and money to suport themselves and their kids, and we knew it was time to step up...

Women in leadership we admired were now just a shell of themselves, trying to hold their homes, their teams, while figuring out how to reinvent themselves, their industries. We knew it was time to step up...

So we pooled our ideas, resources and solutions to help.



Feeling just how potent it was, and already seeing all the possibilities 20 years into the future, we received one more confirmation for what we already knew: it’s already written in the stars, and we have a Natal Chart to prove it!

In 2021, we mapped out our services, built our first website, and picked up the phone. We got to work. And we kept persisting even when our plans fizzled, when shit hit the fan, when everything seemed to come to a stall. What kept us going was out vision, consistency, and the strenght of our partnership. RELAY-tionship. Athletes & Mom codes.

On 2/22/2022, Elite Mystique Agency gets officially incorporated, and the rest is history.



We invest our time, energy, attention, skills and gifts in these creative, generous and spirited women in leadership and in the organizations that value and require physical, metaphysical, mental, and strategic support, so they can continue sharing their passion, bring even more beauty on this planet, and do even more good for humanity.

From free samples, to self-guided experience to white-glove private work, we help you accomplish the most elite version of yourself, your home, your enterprise in the new Aquarian era.



Clinical physiologist, fitness and nutrition coach, and Kundalini Yoga teacher, Dianne brings sexy into science. She helps her clients wield their energy for an optimized human experience, and develop aerobic capacity to serve at the greatest degree and to fulfill their soul’s destiny. Endocrine expert, Dianne trains the entire systems of the body and provides the tools, guidance, and enthusiasm required for operating in a state of peak existence.
Leading expert in the wellness industry for over 25 years, she built multiple million-dollar gyms. Clients like Equinox Fitness Clubs, PESI Healthcare, and SoulCycle sought Dianne's guidance. Served 2 terms as the New York Strength and Conditioning Association Director, she was also nominated for the PFP Personal Trainer of the Year award in 2015.
A native New Yorker and a former NCAA D-1 star track athlete, Dianne and her young daughter, a soccer prodigy, recently leaped their lives from Long Island to Miami.


A former international elite athlete turned master life coach, quantum strategist and mindset expert. Sara inspires and empowers women in leadership - especialy the ones who are told they are too much, too ambitious. She helps them to reimagine the possible, redefine success, rewrite the rules of living, and bring their boldest vision to life. At home. At work. In love. In life.
With 25+ years of experience, a loving heart, and common-sense approach, Sara bridges the gap between big picture and understanding of details, structures and sequencing. Her work blends lifestyle architecture, time mastery and strategic genius with mental brilliance and spirituality.
Slovenia-native now a New Yorker, published author, and Make Your Life Your Legacy Podcast host, Sara also healed herself from depression, burnout. This mystic currently resides in the Lower Hudson Valley with her husband, their two young daughters, and three furry rescues.


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