Activate your ADI SHAKTI

Jun 22, 2022

 by Sara Oblak Speicher
Watch this training:
Adi Shakti is your Qi. Your life force. As defined in yogic teaching, it's the depth of the femme energy. The feminine creative power of the universe. The MA frequency. The primal power of a woman.
That's why we have been oppressed, exploited, and subjugated throughout history. The fear of this power even in modern times has caused women across culture to play “small”.
Yet for those of us called to leadership feel a deep “knowing”. The knowing that this power, Adi Shakti runs through us, pulsating, generating and ready to be accessed, organized and delivered (G-O-D).
When you put this pattern into your nervous system, you start to be a more sovereign person.
You easily start to notice thoughts and behaviors that are not even yours but what you’ve picked up from your parents and society along the way to adulthood. It becomes so obvious that it hurts. It so apparent to feel what is coming from the essential nature of YOU versus something that you subscribed to from parental and social influence.
It’s really so simple: the thoughts you are thinking that feel bad are not yours. That may be most of them. Not your thought. Not even the thing you are worried about!! Most of these thoughts in fact, have very little to do with you.
You are not therefore having a direct relationship with your own life. You live through a non-reality based on relative symbolism - achieving, doing, moving, dressing, obtaining, consuming, activating and appearing based on someone else’s symbol of what it looks like to be “RIGHTEOUS”, “JUST”, or “SUCCESSFUL”.
That is what you are living until you wake up and IGNITE your primal power. The Adi Shakti. You stand in this power of who you are then you can feel any psycho-magnetic field that is holding a different frequency.