Breakdown before breakthrough - ascension symptoms while traveling

Jul 11, 2022

 by Sara Oblak Speicher

I couldn't make this up if I tried...

At the Frankfurt airport with my kiddos a few days ago. Our connecting flight got cancelled, like so many others, as we landed from our overnight one. Already awake for nearly 20hrs, we waited for hours to speak to a representative only to find out that no alternatives were available until the evening of the following day.


With the kiddos already inching to the edge of their patience, we decided to stay at a hotel. Except, the hotel they offered us a voucher for, was fully booked. After making several calls, I ended up paying out-of-pocket for a different hotel 4x what I thought they told me their rate was...


Once we got some rest, we took the rest of the day to explore the town a bit, but ended up on a wrong train, going to a wrong place.


Nighttime couldn't come fast enough; as kiddos were asleep in a comfy hotel bed that night, I was on a call with the airline exploring any options that might had opened up. We managed to get to Italy the following morning where my dad picked us up...except none of our luggage has made it.

And it could not be tracked.


Since we were supposed to fly to Slovenia that night anyway, I decided to go to Slovenian airport to see if the luggage might be there as nobody was answering the phones all day.


Even though "our" flight had just landed, the building was deserted. And nobody to talk to. Must be the only airport with incoming flights after airport "operating hours"...


By luck, I saw our suitcases on the carousel through an outside glass wall. But how to get to them? Eventually, I managed to find someone to let me in after-hours. By the time we got to my parents’ house, it was almost around midnight. Just in time to repack & hit the road again in the morning.


But when we arrived at our vacation place in Croatia, they told us they didn't have any bookings from us.
In fact, we were even yelled at and that's where my patience ran out. Or, I should say, I switched to the "I have no tolerance for arrogance" mode.

We eventually did get the place (which we surely won't be returning to, much less recommending).


Unless you let it, nobody and no one can ruin your day, right?

And, there's breakdown before breakthrough, right?

So, what is the bigger experience you can choose to create?


Well, we went for a swim. Ah, there's nothing that the Adriatic Sea cannot heal. Especially during the sunset.

In fact, a week at the seaside was exactly what we needed; salty breeze, healing sea, and plenty of sun. All narrated by the sounds from tireless cicadas hiding in pine trees.


Grace, patience, and levity are some of the traits I have developed during my high-pressure decades in elite sports and travels, so it's exactly what helped us though this experience.


In addition, I simple remained focused on one question: "What is the bigger experience I am looking to create?"


For quite some time, I have been very intentional about creating expansive, remarkable experiences.

And practicing detachment.

Practicing being present in the now.

And opening up to new possibilities...


So the reality is that the Universe simply delivered exactly what I've been asking for all along.