Date nights for greater productivity

May 10, 2022

 by Sara Oblak Speicher

Date nights (with kids) = productivity boost.

For real. We introduced this practice a few years ago when each of my daughters gets to pick one night per week for her uninterrupted 1:1 time with me. Yes, even though we spend every waking hour together (when they are not in school). 


It doesn't have to be anything fancy or expensive. 20 min of playing with Legos or snuggling on a couch is sometimes all they require. But between deepening our relationship and them feeling seen and heard, a shift happened that enabled me to be more productive with the work I do. Or, maybe it’s just the fact that the kiddos don’t feel the need to interrupt me just to get my attention?

Here’s a video where I dive deep into this practice and share some pointers if you feel compelled to try it at home: