Don’t take yourself out of your own success game

Jul 3, 2022

 by Sara Oblak Speicher

Can you get energy from wherever you are and from whatever you are doing?

The universe is conspiring for our greatest good.

We are in Leo season. It’s opening up some HEAT.

If you can handle the heat you can do more!!


Don’t take yourself out of your own success game because you can’t handle the heat. Your goals generate a lot of heat because it requires a massive amount of energy to conduct this high current through you. 

You must increase your ability to handle the voltage in order to hold your success once you achieve it. 

You need to build your quantum fitness to receive and regulate your upgraded reality.

You, post goal. What does that look like?

It’s your attitude that creates altitude.


If your attitude is, “I can do this!!” then you initiate the victory mindset. Calm excitement and sustainable enthusiasm. No MANIA! This requires PHYSICAL and MENTAL stamina.

You have to decide to activate this attitude.

I am a winner. Soo…

What can I do to serve? 

Share genius? 

Be creative? 

Solve problems?

Make money?


Go deeper in discovering your own potential to achieve goals and sustain them…and ENJOY them for life.


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