July - elevation and prosperity

Jul 2, 2022

 by Sara Oblak Speicher

JULY - This month symbolizes elevation and prosperity. It is the energy of victory.

This is a great time to upgrade your life and your reality. What can you do to make things brighter? Take a pause and intentionally create a more soothing experience of your life so that you feel more peaceful.

This is a time of year to honor beauty. So what are some ways you can personally exude a frequency of truth and worthiness? That is beautiful. Spend July enhancing your creativity. Simplify and choose one project that adds a little more romance, music, art and opulence into your days.

Inspiration to feel good. How simple! It's an opportunity to experience your senses more fully. Great taste. Sweet fragrance. Adornment.

MANTRA = "Elevate and Celebrate."

Expand your aura. Your aura is the part of your anatomy that gives you protection and projection.  Pay attention to keeping it bright and clean. SHINE!

What can you upgrade in your life this month?

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