Let's talk RELAY-tionships

Apr 28, 2022

 by Sara Oblak Speicher

Dianne penned this a while back, but it's too good not to share on this #ThrillHERThursday
"I've been working on my relationships a lot lately. Actually it’s been my personal karma to burn in this lifetime. I enjoy my relationships yet I also find them incredibly challenging. I suppose that is what I love the most about them. 

It really becomes such a focal point for us…especially after this last year of Zoom parties and virtual celebrations. It really did cut off the holy human experience of interaction. Much like you, I am rusty and want this year to be really fortuitous and enriching as far as my familial relationships go.

One thing I have put into practice over the years is my ability to communicate and project effectively. It’s a real art form. In fact my spiritual teacher refers to the study of relationships as “the Relay Arts”. LOVE THAT!!

It always comes down to your physiology. The combination of your mind, body and soul births your speech. This is the true harmony of your vibration. If your mind is distracted, you cannot talk sensibly. If your soul is off center, you cannot speak authentically. If your body is constricted you can’t communicate fluidly. It is the harmony that allows you to vibrate beautifully and effectively in your communication.

Critical common human MISS-take...not meaning what you say. Real straight talk is when you speak and stand in full ownership of your word. 
So what does that look like?

One tip: you must know your purpose. Good communication is anchored in PURPOSE. Before you speak you need to know why you are talking. HA! It IS that simple. If you understand how to communicate then you express goodness from your heart for others. You speak with compassion. If you speak with only passion then you are simply trying to make your point. You may miss the opportunity to CARE about what the other person’s point of view is. Are you talking to WIN? Or are you speaking to create a RELAY-tionship? Do you want to create trust and a mutual benefit?"