Live your life like you mean it

Apr 10, 2022

 by Dianne Sykes

As ambitious women, there is nothing we cannot do & be! 

But success and leadership oftentimes come at the premium price of feeling exhausted, uninspired, trapped, unfulfilled, restless, and hitting the upper limits of your capacities.

The weight of the pressure, expectations, fears, doubts, overwhelm & isolation are wearing you down.

The myopic thinking and tunnel vision are keeping you from following your innate knowing, calling and passion.


So take this time to give attention & energy to what you would REALLY like to feel, experience, create, contribute. To honor this voice inside of you, to turn up your light, to supercharge your power.


If not now, when?

You are not here to be shackled, unsatisfied unfulfilled, unseen and unheard, filtered and exhausted from hiding beneath self-imposed glass ceiling!

Stop squeezing yourself into boxes of your mom's hopes, your spouses' fears, and strangers' expectations... in exchange for relevant security and comfort, this sense of belonging, the proximity to power & influence.

Those vain metrics, commercialized slogans, and numbers on scoreboard, bank account, scale, stopwatch? They cannot measure you, capture your essence, nor fulfill your mission!

But you can!

So live your life like you mean it! And enjoy it!