MOXIE - the ability to face challenges

May 11, 2022

 by Sara Oblak Speicher


MOXIE - the ability to face challenges with courage and determination. Aggressive energy. Spunk.  


This is all about self inspiration. It’s an inner pep rally. When I am feeling irritable, I now accept the feeling fully. Allow myself the Funk Fest. Ask if I have impressed myself and then it’s time to alchemize. I set an intention to lift the density of those cranky feelings that are making my body feel heavy and foggy.


Here’s a tried and true exercise that I always use and offer my clients. Whistle! Whistling stimulates the vagus nerve which most people have totally down regulated due to all the external stress and pressure they feel overwhelmed with. The vagus nerve is connected to the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for creating a rest and relax state in your body. Activating your vagus nerve is like a switch that turns on your rest and relax, lowering your heart rate and deepening your breath. Secreting feel good chemicals and altering brainwave activity to drop you into a more meditative and creative mind. When you whistle it immediately increases your circulation of hormones, blood and Qi. The nerves in your tongue activate the pineal gland to open up your creativity, ability to receive insights and your lung capacity to deepen and lengthen your breath.