New Moon in Taurus & Partial Solar Eclipse (Part 1)

Apr 30, 2022

 by Sara Oblak Speicher
It’s on! Eclipses are great cosmic amplifiers of your true desires. They can serve as stimulants for your vision. Your BIG GOALS!
This New Moon in Taurus Partial Solar Eclipse opens a BIG door availing a very beneficent force. Here are a couple of exercises to help you receive all the energy this eclipse has to offer.
I call it my Eclipse “AUDIT”.
List several things that you are being consistent with and doing a great job with:
What’s right in your life right now? What are you doing right? What’s happening that is right?
When challenged, have you gotten stronger? What's obvious to you?
What would be your one thing that if it happened before the end of the year, you would feel like you won 2022?
Journal/reflect/contemplate/meditate. I’ll pop up with a follow up exercise.
Stay tuned. xo