Self-mastery knows no age

Jul 4, 2022

 by Sara Oblak Speicher

At the recent carnival, I got to witness true self-mastery of my little one.


Our kiddo is a highly sensitive child but she still likes to push her limits of comfort.


So, she insisted on riding this fast, tall rollercoaster. She skipped the ride the first time, but felt ready afterwards.

As you know, once the things starts moving, there is no stopping it. You're in for the ride. And all we can do, is to hold our breath and hope for the best.

You guessed it - the moment the things began to move, she changed her mind, that's when she wanted to get off.

Too late.


All we could do was watch and wait.

And what I saw was beautiful.


There she was, terrified little kiddo, tapping into a toolbox and trainings...

She closed her eyes, and used one of the breathing techniques we've practiced so many times.

With every twist and turn and dip, she kept breathing.


By the time the ride was over, she rushed into my lap, victoriously exhausted: "Mami, I was so scared. I don't want to do it ever again. But did you see how brave I was, and how I calmed myself down?"


The reason I am sharing this is to offer this...

As parents, it's oftentimes very tiring to hold our own breath and count down when it would be much easier to snap, to raise our voice, to hurry the kid along, and to tell her to just snap out of it.

Because overwhelm and outbursts can be a lot to navigate. And we are all just humans. Having human experiences.


It would be so much easier to shame her for how she is experiencing the world - and nothing puts me into Momma Bear quicker than witnessing someone attempting to do just that.


But as much as I am here to help guide her, to help her develop and use all these tools... is her who is my teacher. She is showing me the beauty of being fully expressed. Of doing the hard work. And of going beyond our fears. Of truly living in the moment.