Silly thrills

May 12, 2022

 by Sara Oblak Speicher

While you’re whistling, as per yesterday’s post, think of some other ways to bring more joy and levity to your home?

“My kidzies love coaxie and mochxie for breaksy! And the Zoozies are already wagging their tails in anticipation of walking them to schooolzy. On the way, we might even figure out what to make for dinzy.”

Wait what? No, it’s not English. It’s not Slovene. It’s what we totally made up to keep our days a bit more relaxed and playful. Most of the time, at least. 

What’s so wonderful about it is that even when I just say silly stuff like this even if my energy is still quite tense, it will help me relieve the tension. It will make me smile.