Summer: the ways you value yourself equates directly to making money

Jun 25, 2022

 by Sara Oblak Speicher

It’s summer. The key for the next few weeks is to embrace your self love, self honor. What are all the ways you value yourself? Really watch HOW it equates directly to making money.


Summer - since the dawn of humanity - demands that we use our talent and magnetize things to ourselves. You don’t need to go out and get anything. You simply magnetize things toward you when you feel your own VALUE. “Come here! Come to me!”

IT WORKS! It’s equity. A simple value exchange. Think of it like this…you want to flip a house and sell it. That means you add value to it so that you receive value for it. What are you doing everyday to uplift and make your “house” more welcoming? YOU have to feel your own VALUE. 


Believe it. The value exchange shows up if it is the right thing for you. 

“Simply bring me what I need.”

Ask for it. Ask for love. Ask for money. 


It’s always most important to ask for what you actually want. Not what you think you ‘should’ want. When you do this then you show others (like your kids, your spouse, your sisters, your friends) that it’s ok for them to ask for what they want too. And isn’t that what you wish for them? That their dreams come true too? SHIT!! Otherwise what’s the point of caring for others?? If only to see them live their best possible life!! 


Repeat this in the heat of the beautiful summer…

“I need my self worth and my self esteem to be as strong as possible so that I can magnetize everything to myself!!”


Align your life with the seasonal changes (solstices and equinoxes) and you can make a huge quantum leap right now.

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