The Ayurvedic clock & food

May 6, 2022

 by Sara Oblak Speicher

Kapha (one of the 3 doshas in Ayurvedic medicine) begins our daily cycle with sunrise. Kapha energy is slow, relaxed and calm. Drinking warm lemon water or tea, brushing your teeth with salt and alum powder, and having healthy fats (like coconut oil, cocoa & avocado) will increase your vitality. 


Pitta rolls through in the late morning and rules until the afternoon. This is your most productive  time window. Eat your largest meal.  When you notice your appetite is at its peak, focus on foods that provide energy like sweet potatoes, jasmine rice and oatmeal.


Vata arrives in the afternoon and governs through dusk. Vata energy is alert and creative. Use this time to explore creative projects. To avoid the evening cranky pants (witching hour) eat a light dinner full of colorful warm vegetables seasoned with adventurous spices like cardamom, turmeric and sage.


Enjoy the harmony! And send us a PM if you want to know more about your doshas - as it pertains to your fitness and nutrition.