The summer can help you love yourself

Jun 26, 2022

 by Sara Oblak Speicher

The summer can help you love yourself. It’s a seasonal gift. It’s a hot and smoky vibe that truly enhances your vitality. Humans need heat to thrive. If we didn’t perhaps we would have been coated in fur.


Beautify things. Even those sticky relationships - the X, the disapproving mom, the judgy big bro, the annoying neighbor.
What can you do to make them into something fresh? 

Rekindle your flame. Heat yourself up romantically. It’s an inside job. Romance your OWN STONE!

It opens you up to receive more energy. 


Meditate: where was the gift in my past pain? 

You have to see the gift in all of life. The sugar, the spice, the bitter, the salt. 

Not just the “when things are good then I am good.”

Mad-itation is when you are in the pose just wishing things could be better.


We can actually help you meditate to slow your ass down, lower your blood pressure and train you physiologically to open up, relax, be patient, and be receptive to all that life has to offer - spicy and sweet. 


Start with the basics. Get some support on your own terms. Nothing canned or force fed. Just a couple of real women with real practical experience and years of devoted study on human performance.

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