Tools to nourish & strengthen your OPEN heart

Jun 23, 2022

 by Sara Oblak Speicher

Here are a few ways to nourish your heart this summer. (Summer rules the heart.)

When your heart is open your mind is calm. This is the definition of vitality and your creativity is best brewed here. The heart is ruled by the emotion of joy according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Too little means depression and too much means manic behavior. 


The summer is a great time to relieve past emotional wounds. In early summer you may notice a sense of sadness from a past broken heartedness that you may not have deactivated. The summer is connected to an upliftment of spirit and warmth from the sun’s rays. Use it. The sun will work wonders to nourish your cells and restore Qi (vital life force energy) to the heart.


Here are a few tools to strengthen your OPEN heart:


1.) Wake earlier in the AM to catch the sun’s rays before they are too harmful or strong. You can also benefit from the spike in cortisol which will subsequently help you sleep and ultimately lead to overall healing and restoration. WIN WIN!


2.) Journal on the triggers of your broken heartedness, why you may have suppressed them in the past. 


3.) Make a list of all the things you see as abundant in your life and all around you.


4.) Smile: In the mirror or during mediation (see below). Do this multiple times until you feel a true smile emerging. Can you feel the difference between a pretend smile and and heartfelt one? Feel gratitude for yourself. Smiling stimulates the Heart and brings a sense of internal peace.


5.) Place your hands, one on top of the other over your chest area.  Make a connection with your heart. Feel it beating. Make small circular motions.


6.) Eat from that abundance and eat cooling pungent foods to help you sweat, cool and expand cells to receive nourishment and heal faster.