You cannot wait until death to be liberated

Jun 28, 2022

 by Sara Oblak Speicher

“What is found now is found then.” - Kabir

Time mastery is claimed in the realization that you cannot wait until death to be liberated. Why slave in your actual LIVING life now? In hopes that after death you will find peace?? Find it now. In the heat, the drama, the details, the longing for goals, the carpool, the new house, the political outrage, the chirping bird on your doorstep, the flat tire, the fresh remark, the loving caress. The breath. The dream. The desire. It is now while listening to your own self fulfilling prophecy. 


What is she saying to you from the future?
What do you have to know, be and receive in order to jump into her future shoes? (or in my case sneakers LOL)

Shhh. Listen. Be still. Just for one blessed moment and find her beloved wisdom. The you then -still alive- that is you now.