Let's re-imagine health, happiness and fun. Redefine productivity and innovation in a new way. It's not about trying to rush through life…But loving it and wanting to experience all of it!

With the Energy Flow Plan, you get to have a little dashboard dossier for each month to support you in movement, eating well, nourishing your Chakra system, and creating more flow. These tools are designed to increase your energy, capacity, productivity, and joy - at home, work, and in life.

Every month, we also create a video and/or audio recording of the Energy Flow Plan specifically for the corresponding Lunar Cycle, and we would love for you to have it so that you can create your own personal Dashboard Dossier, Sacred Nourishment Rituals, and aligned Playlist!

Download Your Energy Flow Plan Here



Energy Flow Plan merges some of the great Western medicine, a lot of Eastern philosophy, and Ancient yogic science that Dianne has been immersed in as a physiologist for over 25 years... And, as she bases it on the Lunar Cycles and seasons, it allows you to set a very pragmatic trajectory for not only the goals you aim to accomplish each month, but to also wield all the required energy to do so.

And, we help you integrate your Sacred Nourishment Rituals and aligned Playlist and into the ebbs and flow of your busy day-to-day living, commitments at work, and unique family dynamics at home! That's where Sara layers in strategic and practical elements, and mindset support that empower you to create the desired flow AND feel really good about it all. Why?

When you feel good, you do better also at work as your team’s focus, business impact and profit margin all grow exponentially. You’re unstoppable.

When you don’t, nothing flows the way you know it can. You’re sluggish and uncomfortable. You struggle to show up with passion and purpose. You wonder how much longer you can keep up the pace. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Have a little dashboard dossier for your month to support you in eating well, working out, creating more free time in your schedule and other simple tools to increase your energy, capacity, productivity, and joy.


Watch the video training below for a greater experience:

Download Your Energy Flow Plan Here